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Searching for a new t-shirt? A truly undoubtedly wardrobe staple for the bigger man, here at Fortmens we pride ourselves in our range of large men’s t-shirts, we stock tees from brands such as Ben Sherman, Replika, North 56°4, Kitaro and more.

Many of our big t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and we have a growing selection of sustainable organic cotton tees too. Our t-shirts are all hand-measured, so you can rely upon our size charts when ordering to find the perfect fit for you.

Large mens t shirts in your size 2XL - 8XL

Our collection of t-shirts runs from 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL and 8XL from our core brands such as Ben Sherman, Replika, North 56°4, Jack & Jones, Casa Moda, and Kitaro. We carry styles in more classic 100% cotton and special feature textured cotton too.

Big and tall t shirts hand selected 

As you’d expect our plus size t-shirts offer a range of different fittings, however, you can rest easy knowing each is hand-measured and has its own size chart you can rely on. We stock true to size brands for the big man but some fittings do vary slightly. Some are more of a long length t-shirt such as North 56 and Replika and some are standard length such as Kitaro. The collection is always growing both with new brands and with more styles being added all the time. We are even stocking activewear breathable technology t-shirts from North 56°4, ideal for the gym, walking, golf or even just relaxing at home. They’re very breathable and comfortable to wear, dependable sizes and fittings and also high quality being North 56°4 garments.

Plus size band t shirts

Who doesn't love a great band t-shirt? We love to carry band t-shirts when we can from U2, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen and more. We only carry officially licensed genuine band/artist t-shirts in big men sizes, so you can sport the genuine article from Replika Jeans.

Plus size mens t shirts online

We take pride in our plus size men's t shirts collection, a range that is always growing as they're such a staple for any man's wardrobe, we stock the full-size width for big and tall and we do hand measure each garment, from each brand, so you can rely on our size charts for accuracy. We typically carry 100% pure cotton tees but sometimes have mix fabrics if they bring other benefits such as breathability, for example, activewear fabrics.

North 56°4 Sustainable Organic T-Shirts

We’re proud to announce we stock the North 56°4 Sustainable Collection with GOTs certified organic and ethically produced tee shirts in classic timeless styles with block colours, grey, black, white and navy blue to nautical striped styles for a touch more detail and interest. Complete with that North 56°4 solid sizes you’re used to, true to real plus size men’s clothing from 2XL - 8XL.

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