Man walking through field wearing Fortmens North 56 Sustainable clothing

Welcome to Fortmens

Fortmens is a global online store focusing on big men’s fashion in sizes 2xl - 8xl.
With a 50 year heritage vested in the fashion industry, we are beginning a new generation of inclusive menswear. We are the game changers for big men’s clothing.
Our European brands are hand-selected for high-quality fabrics, modern style and perfect fit. We believe that men wearing upwards of 2xl have been neglected when it comes to offering true fashion wear and access to styles that aren’t just “sized-up patterns” but are made to fit your body.

We have a vision to change the way we look at big men's clothing. Plus size womenswear has propelled towards offering a fantastic range of high quality fashion, using premium fabrics and expert manufacturing, and we are finally bringing this into the big size menswear market.

We have a 50 year family history in the fashion industry dating back to 1960 when our grandfather, John Perkin, opened his first menswear store in Auckland, New Zealand.
Co-Founder of Fortmens at his Grandfathers menswear store
Co-founder Gareth Perkin at his grandfather’s menswear store in Auckland, New Zealand,1995.

Since then, Gareth’s father transformed the store into Begg’s Big Men's Clothing, creating the first menswear store in New Zealand that focuses on big sizes.

Co-founders Gareth and Katie, currently living in the United Kingdom, have further transformed this vision with Fortmens; offering premium quality big size clothing, style tips and a true lifestyle brand in order to bring big men’s fashion into the present.
We are setting a new standard of excellence for the future of big size menswear.


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