Brand in the Spotlight: Ben Sherman

Brand in the Spotlight: Ben Sherman

Welcome to Ben Sherman

We’re proud to welcome the world-famous and truly iconic British brand Ben Sherman to the Fortmens collection for big & tall men’s fashion, in the reliable sizes of 2XL, 3XL, 4XL & 5XL 

Ben Sherman big mens polo shirt in black

Interestingly, Ben Sherman himself was a successful businessman with a true artist's heart; creative but ambitious and driven. He was born Arthur Benjamin Sugarman in Brighton but later moved to America looking for new opportunities away from a post-war Britain. He raised his family in the US and learned a clothing manufacturing business under his father-in-law. Arthur Benjamin decided to change his name while he was in the US to Ben Sherman, and shortly after changing his name and applying for American citizenship, his mother became very sick so he relocated his family back to Brighton. 

Ben Sherman fashion polo in big sizes

This is where the legend of Ben Sherman began, he had no job and had the idea to use his new skills to make clothing in the U.K. He started with a factory in Bedford square in Brighton where he started making shirts for people and in 1963 released the first Ben Sherman brand shirts to the public. He was a unique fashion brand of the time, with interest in colours and Oxford fabrics using pale shapes of pink, yellow and blue; stripes and checks in these colours became his trademark look. 

 The Ben Sherman brand caught the attention of the British youth culture over the next 5 decades, the post-war teddy boys and later the second wave of modernists, aka ‘the mods’. Ben Sherman was and is to this day a truly iconic British brand.

Ben Sherman at Fortmens

Here at Fortmens big & tall, we are always partnering with brands that align with our vision and Ben Sherman’s vision of fashion, going against the grain and with uncompromising quality makes it a perfect addition to our collection as a key brand for us as leaders in the big men’s clothing industry. 



Each season Ben Sherman delivers a new collection of incredible styles of big men’s shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and big size jeans. The styles are incredibly iconic and you can tell it’s a Ben Sherman without even reading the label. They stay true to their heritage yet deliver freshness and vibrance season after season. 

Ben Sherman big mens check shirt

Ben Sherman big mens check shirt close up on fabric The quality of the garments is second to none and incredibly consistent, opting for natural fabrics and even more recently using GOTS certified organic and sustainable manufacturing and fabrics to produce all Ben Sherman garments, making them not only high quality, breathable and nice to wear, but also environmentally honest and reliable. 



Something important to note is that not all brands use the same size charts. Ben Sherman sizing is bigger than many of our other big men’s clothing brands, so always check the size chart. On average they are about one size bigger than other brands, so if you usually wear a 3XL, try a 2XL in Ben Sherman.



Ben Sherman gives you many options for different occasions; in the large men’s t-shirts, we have printed design styles showcasing classic Ben Sherman iconic mod scenes, mod scooters, records or iconic British designs that stand the test of time. We also have fresh plain classics with the Ben Sherman logo on the chest, all 100% organic cotton.

Ben Sherman big mens shirtThe polo shirts are offered in more classic plain colours with notable Ben Sherman design details, like the embroidered Ben Sherman logo on the chest, down to contrast collars and sleeves. Some polos have a more focused design style to the fabric itself too. These t-shirts and polos offer incredible versatility; wear them out to a BBQ, a dinner out or to the pub. The more classic styles lend themselves to be more dressed up, while the printed designs offer a more casual laid back look.

We love the iconic Ben Sherman shirts, also made from 100% organic cotton; these can be worn casual or smart casual. Classic and timeless Oxford plain colours, Sky blue, White, Black and Air Force blue work so well with chinos or jeans and can be worn with formal trousers too. As you’d expect from Ben Sherman, even in the big & tall range, carefully planned unique design details are offered in the collars, sleeves and chest.

Ben Sherman denim jeans are here with the Autumn & Winter collection, using organic denim built to the consistently high-quality standard of all Ben Sherman products, showcasing a classic wash designed to work with any top in the collection, be it a shirt, t-shirt or polo shirt.


Ben Sherman white short sleeve shirt in big sizesAnd finally the iconic stripe and check styles uniquely identified as Ben Sherman even from a long distance. These shirts again work as casual and smart casual, so wear them with shorts, denim shorts and cargo shorts or for a smarter look, chino shorts. 

They are very much at home with a strong pair of black or blue denim, light or darker wash. The colour selections are designed to be incredibly versatile, and with all other Ben Sherman products across this plus size men’s collection, design details are key, and Ben Sherman has them across the chest, collar and sleeves.


Look out for the growing collection

Ben Sherman is a growing collection for us and an absolute favourite among our customers. We are working with Ben Sherman to expand the range in Big & Tall sizes and highly recommend trying one or two garments for yourself. 

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