Brand in the Spotlight: Replika Jeans

Brand in the Spotlight: Replika Jeans

We’re kicking off May with a new stream of exclusive content from Fortmens HQ, introducing: Brand in the Spotlight. We’ll be drawing attention to the amazing brands we have for big size menswear and what makes them a no brainer for guys wearing upwards of 2XL.

This week we’re introducing one you may already know and if you don't, you'll want to! Danish brand Replika Jeans. With a focus on casual wear and denim inspired by urban aesthetics, their range of jeans, t-shirts, shirts and sweaters in big sizes offer uncompromising quality with a cool industrial vibe...

Replika Red Checked Shirt Fortmens
...and a range of awesome prints to keep you on trend!
If you’re looking for high quality, stylish clothing in bigger sizes, look no further. The cuts are made with larger builds in mind, so no sized-up regular fits here!
Replika’s clothing is not only ultra-modern, but it's also cotton-rich, fresh and light to wear.
Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric, so it’s kind to skin and wicks away moisture, keeping you cool all day long. Stay on-trend this Summer and add some Replika style to your wardrobe rotation!
You can shop now in sizes 2XL-8XL
We’re always continuing to expand our collections and hand-select only the best quality items for big sizes - if there's a brand you wish we had contact us and we'll see what we can do!
Check out the Replika Jeans website for more details on them as a brand.

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